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Internet house sales have caused a decline in estate agents’ skills

In response to Nottingham Building Society’s report that two in five homesellers face a price cut as a result of estate agency valuations...

This is a widespread issue stemming from too much reliance on the internet to sell houses, resulting in a significant loss of true estate agent and negotiator skills.

All too often, agents list houses at a price designed to get them on the market and then target them for price reductions to make their own life easier.

Worse, though, is the now seemingly acceptable estate agency process of listing a house on various websites and search domains and then sitting back to wait for the internet to ring.

Where has the skill gone of listing a house on the market and ringing potential buyers, with a view to selling the property to meet a buyer’s specific identified needs?

Chris Hulme, Clayton Hulme

FPC powers over BTL are unnecessary – the sector is all but dead…

The industry reacted to the ruling that the Bank of England’s Financial Policy Committee will get new powers relating to buy-to-let risk…

Am I the only one who feels buy-to-let has totally dominated this year?

I spent the first quarter in a state of permanent stress, getting everyone’s last-minute purchases through before the stamp duty deadline. Then, since April, there has been a steady tightening in criteria, not to mention having to look at the potential future tax liability and discuss this with clients.

And now I have a swathe of landlords whose deals are ending soon and we are in a panic to get remortgages through before the final rental calculation changes take effect.

All this has amounted to heaps of additional work and not much in the way of additional revenue.

Still, I suppose I can put my feet up next year because buy-to-let is now well and truly dead, and I can’t see how further involvement from the FPC is going to change that.

I just hope it can put some sensible procedures in place for existing landlords. In the area where I work, they are seriously in danger of becoming mortgage prisoners.

Samantha Cox, Whichers IFA

…and just how useless does the Bank of England think we are?

Further buy-to-let intervention is seemingly based on the assumption that the majority of borrowers are fools and most lenders incompetent.

The hyperbole is all very amusing.

Michael White, Boutique Capital



FPC to get more powers over buy-to-let in 2017

The Bank of England’s Financial Policy Committee will get new powers to help it protect the financial system from future risks in the buy-to-let market next year, according to HM Treasury. From early 2017 the FPC can order the Prudential Regulation Authority and Financial Conduct Authority to get lenders to place limits on buy-to-let mortgage […]


Number of remortgagors expecting rate rise increases, says LMS

The number of remortgagors expecting a rate increase in 2017 grew in October, according to conveyancing provider LMS, while the number predicting a rate cut dropped. Almost a quarter (23 per cent) of remortgagors now expect a rate rise in the next year, the data found, up from 14 per cent who said the same […]

Octopus’ Mark Posniak and Matt Smith leave firm

Octopus Property managing director Mark Posniak and director of risk and recoveries Matt Smith are leaving the business. Octopus Property head Mario Berti will continue as leader of the firm. Berti says: “Mark and Matt will leave with our very best wishes. They have helped us to build a team of over 40 experienced lending […]


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