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Plans to fine landlords for mistreating tenants come under fire

Last week, it was revealed that landlords who mistreated tenants could be fined up to £30,000 under new rules…

And so the next phase begins! What happened to the assurances that landlord registers would not be used as data-gathering services for alternative government policing or tax purposes?

This does not look a long way off despite the confidential assurances given by lobbyists for the quangos. Those set to gain stated, when trying to implement the legislation in the first place, that it would be used only for tenant protection.

It is also a very slippery slope to allow councils to fund private-sector enforcement with fines. Who will monitor how these funds are spent?

My local council undertook zero cost-benefit analysis on the suitability of implementing previous changes and there has been huge waste.

One-size-fits-all is a dangerously false approach to localised government issues due to the varying demographics within those councils. Why is central government getting involved in this if it is better serviced on a localised council level?

It seems to me the housing minister has failed to do anything other than tinker with policy so this can be a big drum to beat while others are expected to dance to the tune.

What has been done to assist landlords who get screwed by local councils telling tenants to ignore eviction notices, etcetera, due to an inability to offer social housing?

Steve Balmer

Santander’s ‘schoolboy error’ system glitch ‘has broken broker trust’…

Brokers were unimpressed by Santander’s admission that a system glitch, which cuts them out and encourages consumers to go direct, could take weeks to fix…

What a shambles. I’ve read many stories on other adviser forums where, in good faith, brokers have used this system, only to learn that the case has then been ‘pinched’ by Santander direct.

This is a schoolboy error by the lender and now the broken trust between Santander and mortgage brokers will take a long time to repair.

Santander should immediately issue a press release, publicly stating that all brokers affected by its software glitch will be compensated for their loss. Until it does so, brokers will not trust it or risk using its system for fear of losing a client to Santander direct.

Jim Gillespie

…and lender’s unhelpful response will simply drive them elsewhere

Having spent hours on Santander’s system last week and spoken to a very unhelpful team who insisted that we, not they, were the ones at fault, we have concluded that 0.2 per cent [as proc fee] does not pay for our time.

We will not be using this facility in the future.

Lithgow Currie