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Interaction deemed pointless while estate agents still unregulated…

There was a strong reaction to our story last week in which Atom Bank’s director of retail mortgages described the housebuying process as “crackers” and called for greater interaction from industry sectors…

The regulation of estate agents is the most urgent priority in the housebuying/-selling process, before anything else is done.

Until such time, there’s little point in the rest of the industry sitting down with the only unregulated part.

Simon Collins

…but Scotland said to have the answer with its Home Reports system…

The perfect solution already exists: adopt Home Reports and the Scottish system; job done.

The only objections come from lenders because they lose out on the (inflated) valuation fee. Even estate agents in Scotland are converts.

George Williamson

…and Digital Mortgages called crackers and told to get its act together

Digital Mortgages needs to get its basic act together first before trying to set the world alight with such fancies.

On what plain is it acceptable for a lender to allocate the solicitors on a property purchase and the client to have no say whatsoever in their representation?

Yes, that is crackers – yet apparently, in Digital Mortgages’ world, that’s how it works.

Come on, guys. Get your act together. This is the modern age that you’re supposedly geared up for!

Chris Hulme, Clayton Hulme

Bank of England’s stats for January give the lie to doubters’ concerns…

On the Bank of England statistics that showed mortgage approvals in January were at an 11-month high…

Given the unseasonal finish to 2016, there were many who feared 2017 would start more quietly, but the Bank of England’s figures say otherwise.

With other contributing factors on the horizon, including Article 50, no doubt there will come a time when people step back and take stock. For now, though, both house purchase and remortgage show healthy activity, with building societies and challenger banks also reporting strong lending figures.

There is some uncertainty regarding base rate increases, which is inevitable.  However, with inflation on the rise and house prices continuing to increase, consumers may be more inclined to fix rather than hedge their bets on variable rates.

Richard Pike, Phoebus Software

…as industry is praised for taking a ‘Keep calm and carry on’ approach

The rise in mortgage approval figures highlights the resilience of the UK housing market.

Despite an uncertain political outlook, it is great to see the industry adopt a ‘Keep calm and carry on’ approach as it continues to serve the needs of remortgagers and buyers alike.

Jeremy Duncombe, Legal & General