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Letters of the month

LETTER OF THE MONTH: Any rise in Bank rate is likely to be marginal — no financial meltdown If interest rates increase this week it is likely to be marginal, to say the least, and probably no higher than a return to 0.5 per cent, which is actually the norm. This slight hike is designed […]


Protection that works for your self-employed clients

For anyone who’s self-employed, their income is the most valuable thing they have – although they probably don’t realise it. By combining Income Protection with Life Cover, you can make sure their mortgage is protected, or that they’ll still have a regular income if they’re unable to work.

10 Years Ago: The big mortgage stories from November 2017

5 NOVEMBER 2007 Sell-and-rent-back providers slammed The sale-and-rent-back market was never far away from controversy, as this headline shows. Mortgage Strategy ran a campaign for tougher market regulation. Not to be outdone, the Financial Services Authority went one step further and shut down the entire sector in February 2012. The FSA said many products were […]

Mortgage Mole-2017

Mortgage Mole: Street wise?

Intrepid Mole, digging up the stories behind the news Street wise? Many of you are aware that the FCA is moving its existing Canary Wharf headquarters out of central London, to Stratford in the east. However, Mole hears that some of the regulator’s more sensitive souls are worried about “knife crime and gangs” in the […]


A day in the life of… Peter Trinci, mortgage helpdesk manager, First Complete

My alarm goes off at… …around 6am, but I often press the snooze button for an extra few minutes’ lie-in. I can’t leave the house without… …giving our beautiful, white Chinchilla Persian cat, Sia, a ham treat. She gives me hell if I don’t. I get to work by… …8.30am. I live 45 minutes from […]

Broker Focus: We Know Mortgages

The need for more love from lenders, getting new blood into the industry and improving turnaround times, from the founder of a broker established during the financial crisis


Letters of the month

LETTER OF THE MONTH: Backlash against accusation of brokers’ ‘double-dipping’ Clients have choices — and that’s key. What isn’t helpful is viewpoints that are aired where brokers who do charge are described as “ripping off the client”. First, this isn’t true, because all fees are agreed upon with a client prior to commencement of the […]