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Broker Focus: Clayton Shipton

We aim to amplify the voices of all intermediaries, up and down the country. This month we profile Clayton Shipton, managing director of CLS Money Sum up your firm in three sentences. CLS Money is passionate about getting customers the right mortgage for their needs, no matter their credit score. We aim to remove the […]

10 Years Ago: The US dominated credit crunch news, but the UK kept its sense of humour

7 April 2008: The last of Lehman Our first issue of April 2008 was all about America. Specifically, Lehman Brothers had stopped lending, causing fears of further impacts on US banks’ Blighty-based operations. If that was not enough, the market was contracting quickly as UK lenders scaled back new business. The market reacted to all […]

Letters: Striking reaction to Mortgage Strategy’s estate agents probe

Letter of the month: Having been aware of these practices for some time now –  estate agents putting pressure on homebuyers to use their own advisers – in ‘chain estate agencies’, I’ve committed myself to forwarding to the whistleblowing email address for the FCA every customer email stating that they have been harassed, disallowed from putting […]

Retirement interest-only mortgages… five things you should know

Tom Gurrie offers some key insights into retirement interest-only mortgages. The rules have changed Last month the FCA redefined retirement interest-only mortgages – RIOs – as standard mortgages, not lifetime, to improve access to borrowing for older consumers, including interest-only borrowers facing shortfalls. Expect a boost in the number of these deals once lenders work […]

Monica Bradley

Broker Focus: Monica Bradley Associates

We aim to amplify the voices of all intermediaries, up and down the country. This month we profile Monica Bradley, managing director of Monica Bradley Associates. Sum up your firm in a few sentences. Based in Surrey for nearly 30 years, Monica Bradley Associates places a huge emphasis on being part of the local community, […]

Marc Callaghan

A Day in the Life – Marc Callaghan, Interbay

My alarm goes off at… 5am and I try to get up and go to the gym first before starting work.  I find it really helps clear my head for the day ahead and I can hit the ground running so to speak! I can’t leave the house without… my water bottle and phone of course. I get to work … between 6:30am and 7:00am. […]