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One 2 One: Richard Tugwell, Together

Increasing distribution channels through networks and clubs, building a great team, and avid support for the Mighty Spurs

Letters Of The Month

STAR LETTER: Should building societies diversify? ‘It all depends on their size’ In response to a Head 2 Head last year on whether building societies should diversify into new areas, having spent a quarter of a century working in societies, and having experienced small, medium and large, the point that is largely absent in both […]


A Day In The Life Of… Peter Buckley, Secure Trust Bank

My alarm goes off at… …strangely enough, I don’t actually use my alarm and have never had to. I’ve always just woken up at 5am; sometimes even earlier. I think that’s been the case ever since I used to do a morning paper round 40 years ago! I can’t leave the house without… …having a […]

Mortgage Mole-2017

Mortgage Mole: Out to lunch?

Intrepid Mole, digging up the stories behind the news Out to lunch? Mole’s spies at Barclays tell him the firm had a recent mishap at its Canary Wharf offices in London, which led to an entire floor being evacuated and all staff being sent home. The reason? Apparently, when trying to reheat their lunch in […]


Letters Of The Month

LETTER OF THE MONTH: 10 years on? More diversity, niche products — and a Brexit shadow In response to Mortgage Strategy’s November cover feature, my sense of the world in 10 years’ time is as follows: There will be more lenders, not fewer. With the emergence of more challenger banks actively encouraged, plus the arrival […]


Letters of the month

LETTER OF THE MONTH: Any rise in Bank rate is likely to be marginal — no financial meltdown If interest rates increase this week it is likely to be marginal, to say the least, and probably no higher than a return to 0.5 per cent, which is actually the norm. This slight hike is designed […]


Protection that works for your self-employed clients

For anyone who’s self-employed, their income is the most valuable thing they have – although they probably don’t realise it. By combining Income Protection with Life Cover, you can make sure their mortgage is protected, or that they’ll still have a regular income if they’re unable to work.

10 Years Ago: The big mortgage stories from November 2017

5 NOVEMBER 2007 Sell-and-rent-back providers slammed The sale-and-rent-back market was never far away from controversy, as this headline shows. Mortgage Strategy ran a campaign for tougher market regulation. Not to be outdone, the Financial Services Authority went one step further and shut down the entire sector in February 2012. The FSA said many products were […]