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A day in the life of… Peter Trinci, mortgage helpdesk manager, First Complete

My alarm goes off at… …around 6am, but I often press the snooze button for an extra few minutes’ lie-in. I can’t leave the house without… …giving our beautiful, white Chinchilla Persian cat, Sia, a ham treat. She gives me hell if I don’t. I get to work by… …8.30am. I live 45 minutes from […]

Broker Focus: We Know Mortgages

The need for more love from lenders, getting new blood into the industry and improving turnaround times, from the founder of a broker established during the financial crisis


Letters of the month

LETTER OF THE MONTH: Backlash against accusation of brokers’ ‘double-dipping’ Clients have choices — and that’s key. What isn’t helpful is viewpoints that are aired where brokers who do charge are described as “ripping off the client”. First, this isn’t true, because all fees are agreed upon with a client prior to commencement of the […]

Mortgage Mole-2017

Mortgage Mole: Piratical Paul Darwin of the good ship Skipton

Intrepid Mole, digging up the stories behind the news Darwin’s the origin of booty Mole must confess that the annual ‘Talk like a pirate’ Day often passes him by — but not this year. Your subterranean correspondent was recently sent a press release from Skipton Building Society that was written entirely in piratical language, including […]


Letters of the month

LETTER OF THE MONTH: Bumper stamp duty revenue causes scratching of heads over the data Something doesn’t quite stack up. In its August house price index the Nationwide, consistent with one or two other reports of late, says the past 12 months have delivered a bumper stamp duty harvest for the Revenue. It says stamp […]

A day in the life of… Will Clifton, senior underwriter, Accord

My alarm goes off at… …6.15am, and my daily regime to get ready for work always includes ironing a shirt. I iron clothes only when I need them, much to my mum’s dismay! I can’t leave the house without… …my partner, Nadine. I take her to work on the way to my office. I travel […]

Mortgage Mole-2017

Mortgage Mole: Knowing his Clough

Intrepid Mole,  digging up the stories behind the news Knowing his Clough Mole salutes Lentune Mortgages’ Stuart Gregory, whose recent brilliant joke on Twitter (see below) combined US current affairs with his encyclopedic knowledge of football history, achieving the accolade of an acknowledgement from actor Michael Sheen. For the benefit of the industry’s younger members, […]

One to One: Stephen Wasserman, West One Loans managing director

Wasserman on the future for bridging, company expansion, admiration for Sir Alex Ferguson and secret golfing talents The sector often suffers from an image problem. Do you feel this image is improving? Absolutely – bridging has evolved in recent years and is no longer seen as a last resort. Borrowers are now recognising this unique […]