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Careers Insight: Time to turn off your phone?

Technology has given us greater opportunities to work remotely, but research shows we are less productive and more at risk of mental health problems when tethered to a mobile. To maintain the work-life balance, we must develop a strategy for switching off. I have written a great deal about the importance of achieving a healthy […]

October letters of the month

Star Letter The market trends are seeing growth bouncing between 2 and 3 per cent London looks like the sick man of the UK on paper over five quarters but the capital is in more of a holding pattern than stuck in a rut. Prices in the capital have corrected but sheer weight of numbers […]

Mortgage Mole: November 2018

Intrepid Mole, digging up the stories behind the news. Branching out ‘Making the world a better place’ – every company claims to be doing it, few could say they even break even. New broker The Mortgage Branch will soon point to some quantitative evidence, if all goes well, though: the firm states that, through a […]

Broker Focus: James Carson Lee, Sentry Advice

We aim to amplify the voices of all intermediaries, up and down the country. This month we profile James Carson Lee, partner at Sentry Advice Sum up your firm in a few sentences Our mission is to be a human that says ‘yes’ in an industry of ‘computer says no’, with our ethos firmly rooted in […]


10 years ago: What made the news in September 2008

Burgeoning financial crisis yet to rewrite the rules 18 August 2008: Over-55s owe more than £37,000 on mortgages The news that older homeowners owed an average of £37,316 on their mortgages was met with much consternation in 2008. Ten years on and SunLife report that the average owed for the same age group now stands […]


Careers Insight: Answering age-old questions

Putting a focus on the wellbeing of your team will pay dividends many times over. It is important to have a plan in place to encourage and support employees on many levels. But does one size fit all? Or is age a factor that needs to be considered? Managers must be in tune with their […]

Letters: July/August 2018

Star letter Last month’s Head2Head asked if a broker comparison tool was a good idea. And while both sides of the argument could be seen by most, the majority were against Just like with hotels, if the accommodation ticks the boxes to fall into the five-star category, the decor might not reflect quality the same […]