Trash Talk: ‘Touch base’


Mortgage Monkey reveals the gibberish littering the industry’s press communications


Mortgage Monkey offers his sincere thanks to the Mortgage Strategy reader who delivered this phrase to his tender mercies this week.

Monkey has harboured bad feelings towards this deeply embedded piece of trash talk for a long time and is grateful for the opportunity to vent his simian spleen.

But first, the definition, for the lucky few whose business careers have so far gone uncontaminated by this particular saying.

‘Touch base’ means:

‘to have contact about something’

and derives from baseball, where the ‘base’ is the main point on the playing field.

Perhaps the saying is thought of more fondly on the other side of the pond, where there are more baseball fans.

But Monkey says that, in his native Blighty, the expression is confusing and has no place.

He urges fellow Brits to consign it to the dustbin. Or should that be ‘the garbage’?

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