Trash Talk: ‘Synergy’


Business speak of the week: ‘Synergy’

One of Monkey’s world-weary readers submitted this word this week, claiming that the management of their particular brokerage, which shall remain nameless, uses the word ad nauseam.

Monkey agrees that adoption of the word has spiralled out of control, to the point that it triggers all his corporate buzz­word sensors from 50 feet away. ‘Synergy’ is not a meaningless word but its principal sin is that it is over-used and its meaning has been changed by those trying to sound more intelligent than their peers.

It originally meant that two or more things working together could be greater than the sum of their parts, but it is now generally over-used in press releases to prove that a business decision has benefits. Monkey is seeking an amnesty on all uses of the word and wants
‘normal’ speech restored.