Trash Talk: ‘Scalability’


Mortgage Monkey reveals the gibberish littering the industry’s press communications

Trash Talk is Mortgage Strategy’s new column, which takes a lighthearted look at the business speak and jargon sneaking their way into the mortgage industry

Business speak of the week: ‘Scalability’
Culprit: Succession Group

This phrase really sets Mortgage Monkey’s teeth on edge. Succession Group used the howler of an expression when announcing that it had been granted full discretionary fund management permissions from the FCA.

The phrase describes the ability of something to change size easily, so technically it can be used legitimately. But Mortgage Monkey’s rule of thumb for choosing Trash Talk inclusions is: would David Brent say this?

In this case, he definitely would.

Bonus Trash Talk points were awarded for Succession Group’s use of the expressions ‘building out’ and ‘key milestones’ in the same company announcement, as well as the astonishing expression ‘Holy Trinity of value’.


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