Trash Talk: ‘Learnings’


Mortgage Monkey reveals the gibberish littering the industry’s press communications


Monkey winced when a Mortgage Strategy reader reminded him of this monstrous example of business speak. Some time ago a bright spark in the corporate world began saying ‘learnings’ instead of ‘lessons’.

Aside from the fact that the term oozes pomposity, Monkey’s inner grammar pedant objects to the way a verb is being forced to act as a noun.

Monkey does not object to the evolution of English; nor is he trying to set himself up as a one-simian version of the Académie française. But as far as ‘learnings’ goes, Monkey feels the need to take a hard line.

After all, if he lets ‘learnings’ slip through unchallenged, what next? Will Mortgage Strategy readers start calling their favourite trade press title ‘readings’? Will meals get known as ‘eatings’?

Monkey wants an end to this insanity. Let’s treat ‘learning’ with respect.

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