Trash Talk: ‘Going/moving forward’


Mortgage Monkey reveals the gibberish littering the industry’s press communications

Business speak of the week: ‘Going/moving forward’

Berkeley Research Group

This is one of the most over-used pieces of business speak out there, inveigling its way into management culture to the point of adoption even by Barack Obama and David Cameron.

But Monkey says just because it is uttered by the leaders of both the free world and a much smaller part of the free world, that does not make it acceptable.

The phrase was given a kicking back in 2008 for being overly jargonistic but was used by Berkeley just last week in a piece on how lenders could find future profits.

According to the research group: “Targeting pockets of value rather than volume will always be more sustainable in the long term and leave both borrower and lender in a much stronger position moving forward.”

Ironically, the piece itself is interesting but is sadly let down by its final two words.

Critics of the phrase say it is meaningless and can always be removed without changing the meaning. Monkey agrees.

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