Trash Talk: ‘Fulfilment’


Mortgage Monkey reveals the gibberish littering the industry’s press communications

Business speak of the week: ‘Fulfilment’

Culprit: The Property Franchise Group

Mortgage Monkey is normally all in favour of fulfilment but he has
concerns about the inventive interpretation of this phrase to describe how companies talk to their customers.

This week, TPFG said the firm had chosen ‘telephone and web fulfilment because people are busy and do not find it convenient to attend long meetings with mortgage advisers’.

Monkey feels use of the term in this way is an attempt to bring some sort of pseudo-professional sheen to mundane but necessary phrases that are better left alone.

The term is also rather misleading in that it implies the customer is having a crucial need taken care of, rather than, say, just talking to a franchiser in a slightly different way.

So Monkey calls an amnesty on all uses of the word and urges the industry not to shun more everyday language.

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