Trash Talk: ‘Deliverables’


Mortgage Monkey reveals the gibberish littering the industry’s press communications


CULPRIT: Unnamed

Monkey thanks the Mortgage Strategy reader who suggested this odious buzzword this week.

Used by middle management up and down the land, ‘deliverables’ refers to something that needs to be handed in at the end of a project.

But it’s not the underlying meaning that Monkey’s inner pedant finds so offputting with this one.

What Monkey objects to with all business speak is the way that it tries to give the impression that the user is somehow more professional or more intelligent than people not using it.

‘Deliverables’ is a fine example of this ghastly practice.

Not only that, if someone says their role involves deliverables then Monkey is reminded of pizza delivery boys or bike couriers.

Monkey calls on all readers to cease use of this one with alacrity.

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