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Trash talk: ‘Brexit’ and ‘Bremain’


Mortgage Monkey reveals the gibberish littering the industry’s press communications

Business speak of the week: Brexit and Bremain

Culprit: We are all guilty

The votes have been counted and verified.The British people have decided their future lies outside the European Union.

Regardless of whether you are ecstatic aboutor devastated by last week’s referendum result,Mortgage Monkey would like to make an earnest request for people to stop inserting the letter pairing ‘BR’ in front of existing English words.

OK, ‘Brexit’ has firmly entered the national, in fact the global, lexicon. Just like the referendum outcome, there is no going back.

But Monkey pleads with everyone to draw a line in the sand. After all, the French wouldn’t stand for it, would they?

So come on, all British people: brote ‘No’ to the brastardisation of the British branguage.

Help! Damn it – I can’t stop myself.


FCA logo glass 620x430

FCA set to cave in on PPI claims deadline

The FCA is set to back calls from the banks for a two-year deadline on bringing claims for missold payment protection insurance despite warnings from its own staff. The Times reports internal FCA documents which suggest a shift in thinking at the regulator which supports the introduction of a cut-off date for PPI complaints. In […]

Back from the dead: Is sub-prime about to make a comeback?

Mortgage experts believe the UK could be heading for a return to the kind of mortgage lending that triggered the financial crisis. Some argue we could see the comeback of sub-prime mortgages on such a scale that these loans could be packaged up and sold in the same way as we saw in the run-up […]


Editor’s note: West Brom: a case in point

Last week saw a court judgment handed down that some claim will have severe knock-on effects on the way lenders are permitted to charge interest. The Court of Appeal found that West Bromwich Building Society should not have raised interest rates on buy-to-let tracker mortgages without a rise in Bank of England base rate. But […]

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White paper — recording sickness absence

The latest figures from the Department for Work and Pensions illustrate that sickness absence is still a major cost to businesses, with an annual bill for sick pay and associated costs to employers of £9bn. This paper from Jelf Employee Benefits looks at the importance of recording sickness absence for any employee health strategy and how this can be carried out in an efficient manner to reduce absence, improve employee engagement and drive up profits.

Could Proptech revolutionise construction?

By Rebecca Murphy, relationship manager, LendInvest  The construction sector offers enormous potential when considering the implication emerging technologies could have on both existing processes and final results. While the completion of an entirely 3D-printed office block may be ‘sexier’ news than a new smart toolbelt that tracks the wearer’s location on site, each area of development […]


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