NEW COLUMN: Trash Talk: ‘Added value’


Mortgage Monkey reveals the gibberish littering the industry’s press communications

Trash Talk is Mortgage Strategy’s new column, which takes a lighthearted look at the business speak and jargon sneaking their way into the mortgage industry

Business speak of the week: ‘ADDED VALUE’
Culprits: Northview Group & Connells Group

Last week alone there were two offenders, guilty of using this daft expression in a press release: Northview Group and Connells Group.

A release from a new employee at Northview describes her employers as “delivering real innovation and added value to intermediaries” while Connells says two recent appointments support its strategy to “develop new propositions to provide added value” to its customers.

According to Investopedia, ‘added value’ is “the enhancement a company gives its product or service before offering the product to customers”, although the term has become a catch-all for pretty much anything these days.

This mischievous Mortgage Monkey thinks any meaning formerly attributed to ‘added value’ has been lost due to endless repetition, and the phrase should be sent to wherever clapped-out clichés go to die.

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