Trash Talk: ‘Actionable information’


Mortgage Monkey reveals the gibberish littering the industry’s press communications

BUSINESS SPEAK OF THE WEEK: ‘Actionable information’

CULPRIT: Nasdaq/Verisk Analytics

Proving that no one has mastered the art of business speak quite like the Americans, this execrable expression jumped out and bit Mortgage Monkey on the nose last week.

In a market release the analytics firm said that ‘data collection and its transformation into actionable information are a concern for many company executives and their insurers’.

Of course, being able to make sense of data is a laudable goal and Monkey sees what Verisk is getting at. But the phrase is self-defeating as all information can be acted upon. More importantly, it is also mindnumbingly soulless.

Verisk’s use of the phrase is particularly timely because last week journalists voted it one of their most hated pieces of jargon, according to a poll of Press Gazette readers.

Monkey thinks the expression should be disposed of before it causes any more trauma.

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