Tories to resurrect Board of Trade to forge post-Brexit deals


The Conservatives would restart the Board of Trade to forge post-Brexit business deals if re-elected in the upcoming general election.

The BBC reports that Prime Minister Theresa May wants to set up nine trade commissioners across the planet as part of the Board.

The commissioners would help boost British exports and lure overseas investment to the country.

The Conservatives said the commissioners  would be “determined by markets rather than national borders, to ensure UK trade policy is guided by local experience and expertise”.

The Prime Minister has previously said she wants Britain to create new bilateral trade deals with “old friends and new allies” once the country has left the European Union single market.

But the idea was lambasted by the Liberal Democrats.

Liberal Democrat shadow first secretary Alistair Carmichael says: “No number of fancy trade commissioners jetting around the world will save us from crippling tariffs when we leave the single market.

“This plan is so outdated it’s probably been written on parchment by Jacob Rees-Mogg.”

Britain first set up a Board of Trade in the 17th century, which eventually became the Department of Trade and Industry.