The latest technical insights from Prudential’s technical team

Take a look at our latest technical insights from trust to tax, all delivered by Les Cameron, Head of Technical, and his team of experts.

Les Cameron is Head of Technical at Prudential, based in Craigforth, Stirling.

Les covers most areas of financial planning, specialising in the pensions technical arena. Les joined Prudential in 1997 and has held various pensions technical and management roles throughout his career. he holds the Advanced Diploma of the Personal Finance Society and has a BA in financial studies.

Every month Les and his team provide their take on important tax planning matters.

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In these early days of tax year 2016/17, it is worthwhile pausing to consider the shifting personal tax landscape being created by the Chancellor.

Discounted gift trusts

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The Office of Budget Responsibility has forecast that Inheritance tax (IHT) receipts will hit an all-time high for 2015-16 and will impact one in 12 estates in 2016-17.

When CPI is not CPI

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When the Government announced in December 2011 that Heads of Terms had been reached with stakeholders regarding the future shape of key public service pension schemes…

The freedom fixes and pension death benefits going to trust

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Pension Schemes newsletter 77 was published after the budget on 29 March 2016 and covered a number of the notable points…

Questions for the Technical Helpline

Here’s a selection of the most common questions received by Technical Helpline over the previous month.

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Tax evasion

Just to be clear! Tax evasion is a crime involving the non-payment or under-payment of tax…

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