SimplyBiz launches online tools for members


SimplyBiz Group is launching new online information websites and tools to its member and client firms.

The new NextGen sites let advisers give their clients topical information and interactive tools.

These include the ability to do preliminary fact-finding and risk-profiling, compare policies, generate quotations and conduct transactions online.

SimplyBiz has worked with firms including Selectapension, The Source, Distribution Technology and Intelliflo in order to create NextGen.

SimplyBiz Group marketing director Richard Ardron says: “When ‘robo-advice’ was first mentioned, much of the noise was about an ‘either or’ scenario – i.e. advice or digital. However, now that the dust has settled, we can look at the more practical application of digital tools and how they can complement the role of today’s adviser, not replace them.

“Consumer behaviour has and will continue to change, with more and more now turning to the internet and mobile devices for information, to interact and indeed to transact.

“Advisers who embrace this evolution will be at the forefront of this change, and are therefore likely to benefit from offering a much more flexible service, including being able to work with clients who are not yet in a financial position to work with advisers in traditional ways.”