Scottish Widows launches remortgage range


Scottish Widows Bank has today launched a new range of remortgage products, including the option to offset.

The range includes both two and five-year fixed products with rates starting from 1.29 per cent.

Scottish Widows’ new range includes a two-year fixed rate professional mortgage at 0-90 per cent LTV, starting at 1.29 per cent with a £1499 fee or 1.84 per cent with no fee.

The lender has also launched a two-year fixed rate flexible mortgage from 0-90 per cent LTV, starting at 1.39 per cent with a £1499 fee.

The fee-free two-year fixed option starts at 1.94 per cent.

Scottish Widows has also brought in a five-year fxed rate professional mortgage range.

Rates start from 2.14 per cent to 75 per cent LTV with a £1499 fee, or from 2.54 per cent with no fee.

Finally, the lender now has a five-year fixed flexible loan starting at 2.24 per cent with a £1499 fee from 0-75 per cent LTV.

The fee-free option starts at 2.64 per cent.

Scottish Widows Bank managing director Martin Fleming says: “Our lowest ever remortgage rates with the flexibility of offsetting built in will help brokers to meet the needs of clients looking to save money by remortgaging whilst maintaining a cash reserve amid current economic uncertainty.”