Scottish Widows expands flexible remortgage range


Scottish Widows Bank has expanded its flexible remortgage range and slightly trimmed rates.

The lender is splitting the current 50-75 per cent LTV band for its professional and flexible remortgage five-year fixed rates.

Scottish Widows is now bringing in a 50-60 per cent LTV band at 1.79 per cent and a
60-75 per cent LTV band at 1.99 per cent. Both have a £749 fee.

The lender has also trimmed rates by 0.05 per cent on its two-year professional and flexible remortgage loans.

The reduction applies to its 0-50 per cent LTV loans, now 1.14 per cent, and its 50-60 per cent LTV products, now 1.19 per cent. Both have a £749 fee.

Scottish Widows Bank managing director Martin Fleming says: “With a wave of borrowers whose current mortgage deals are expected to come to an end in the coming months, it’s the ideal time for brokers to demonstrate the value of their advice.

“In times of change, advisers need to make sure their clients are prepared.”