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About us

Royal London is a protection specialist, providing flexible personal and business protection solutions for your clients.

About us

As Royal London, we’re committed to traditional values, great service and the intermediary market.

We understand the importance of financial advice, that's why we’ve designed a range of protection solutions with advisers at the heart of our processes. Life Cover, Life or Critical Illness Cover, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection are all available in both our Personal Menu and Business Menu Plans. And you can mix and match covers to suit your clients’ needs.

Our vision for protection is to give you a proposition that’s easy to recommend and gives the right cover at the right time with the right experiences for you and your clients. We do this by being easy to do business with, providing cover that matters and helping you develop long-term relationships with your clients.

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Consumer attitudes to protection

Royal London commissioned Opinium to run our State of the Protection Nation research to find out how people felt about their own protection needs and the industry as a whole. By Ross Jackson, Senior Protection Marketing Manager We surveyed people who had already taken out some kind of protection insurance and those who didn’t have […]


Trust me, I’m a provider

By Craig Paterson, Underwriting and Claims Philosophy Manager, Royal London Hard-hitting headlines “Dying mother of two is refused life insurance payout.”1 “What a way to treat a dying man: Grandfather refused life insurance claim.”2 “A widow betrayed by a life insurance company.”3 With headlines like these, it’s no wonder some consumers don’t trust providers. Trust […]

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The lucky ones

By Denise Wond, Marketing Relationship Manager, Royal London Do you consider yourself lucky? I don’t; I never seem to win a prize in the raffle, if there’s a cancelled train it’s usually the one I’m meant to be on and don’t start me on last year’s holiday. On the other hand, when I think about […]

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Generation Rent

By Denise Wond, Marketing Relationship Manager, Royal London We’ve heard a great deal about Generation Rent in recent years but what does it actually mean for consumers and advisers and has the face of the typical renter changed? The picture is certainly more diverse than it used to be Homeownership has fallen to 64 per […]

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A tailored approach to protection

By Ian Smart, Product Architect, Royal London In an ideal world, clients would be able to afford as much protection cover as they wanted, but few would describe current times as anything approaching ideal. But this doesn’t mean that they have to indulge in an either/or decision that results in missing out on some essential […]