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Rents in London climb to 36% of average income

Sunset over housesAverage rent as a proportion of income in London hit 36.2 per cent in July, compared to 30.8 per cent a year ago, the latest index from HomeLet reveals.

For the UK as a whole, rent as a proportion of income rose to 31.8 per cent compared to 28.1 per cent a year ago.

Average rents in the UK rose by 1.3 per cent in July to £937 compared to the same time last year.

The month-on-month change was similar, with rents increasing by 1.4 per cent from June’s figure of £924.

Rents in London increased by 3.3 per cent to £1,615 in July.

When London is excluded, the average UK rental value was £777 in July 2018, this
is up 1 per cent on last year.

The North East had the lowest figure for rent as a percentage of income at 23.6 per cent, unchanged from last year. director of lettings Adam Male says: “Government efforts to remedy the current housing crisis have been few and far between but it seems that its sustained attack on the buy-to-let market is having the desired results in forcing many landlords to sell up.

“While this is freeing up stock for those in a position to buy, the dwindling lack of rental properties available to meet the overwhelming demand is pushing rents higher and higher.

“As a result, those aspirational buyers currently struggling to make it out of the rental sector are seeing yet more of their monthly income being eaten up by rent while the wider cost of living is also increasing, but the money they’re making is remaining largely static.”



EU renters could lose homes post-Brexit, claims landlord group

European Union citizens living in the UK run the risk of losing their rental homes without swift confirmation of their status post-Brexit, a landlord group has claimed. Under the 2014 Immigration Act all EU nationals automatically have the right to rent property in the UK. This will continue to be the case unless the law […]


Nearly half of renters borrowing to fund deposits: Which?

A report conducted by Which? shows that 43 per cent of renters have to borrow, in some cases using a credit card, in order to fund their deposit. The report, “Reform of the private rental sector: the consumer view,” aims to take an “end-to-end approach” to the process of searching for, moving into, and moving […]


Top five Londoner renting worries revealed

Research performed by London-based rental home owner Tipi shows that within London at least, health concerns are the overriding worry for tenants. The survey questioned nearly 20,000 people regarding what issues when renting got under their skin the most. In first place were the aforementioned health concerns, which include issues with cockroach and mice infestations, […]

Identifying best-in-class UK stocks — Mark Martin, Neptune UK Opportunities Fund

FE Alpha Manager Mark Martin assumed management of the multi-cap UK Opportunities Fund at the beginning of February. As manager of the highly regarded UK Mid Cap Fund, Martin has begun restructuring the new portfolio to focus on our very best UK stock ideas from across the FTSE All-Share Index. In this video, update Martin addresses:

– Themes informing the UK Opportunities Fund
– The multi-cap structure of the fund
– UK equity valuations


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