Promise Solutions launches second charge club


Promise Solutions has launched a new second charge mortgage club for brokers who do not wish to use master brokers.

Second Charge Club, which launches today, allows brokers to access lenders offering a direct facility.

It also offers help and support from underwriters as well as access to sourcing tools and soft credit searches.

Managing director Steve Walker says: “The biggest challenge for brokers new to the sector will be in choosing the most suitable lender at the outset. Current mortgage sourcing systems only give approximations. The underwriting isn’t detailed enough and once a credit score is carried out different plans will appear and could mean the chosen lender is no longer the most suitable. This results in brokers applying to multiple lenders to get the best illustration from each lender. Ultimately none of them may accept the case”

“Our team of loan experts, who deal with the lenders everyday, supported by specialist sourcing systems and integrated soft credit searches, can get a broker on the right track in a matter of minutes . It’s a totally free service so brokers thinking of dealing direct with second charge lenders would be missing a massive benefit if they didn’t take advantage of it.”