Private Label launches more specialist resi and BTL products

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Brightstar Financial is today launching four new specialist residential and buy-to-let mortgage products under its Private Label brand.

Private Label was a well-known packager in the 90s and early 2000s known for product innovation. It was relaunched by Brightstar in July.


The first product is The Buy-to-let Booster, a simultaneous first and second charge mortgage that lets landlords increase leverage while still meeting the required rental calculations.

The first charge part is backed by Kent Reliance Building Society and the second charge by Castle Trust.

Interest on the second charge will be rolled up and not serviced, so there is no rental coverage required on this part of the mortgage.

The product will only require one valuation report and one set of legals from a panel mutually agreed by both lenders.

Castle Trust Capital executive director Matthew Wyles says: “By using a second charge mortgage with all interest deferred to maturity, Castle Trust can help landlords increase their leverage without creating cashflow strain.”

Credit repair

The second of the new products is The Credit Repairer, funded by Bluestone Mortgages. Private Label says this is “the UK’s only true credit repair product” .

It gives customers rate reductions for prompt payments and will cater for those with a wide combination of demerits.

The product will have a five-year fixed rate, with the option of lowering prices at 12, 36 and 60 months by up to 0.90 per cent.

Bluestone sales and distribution director Steve Seal says: “We partnered with Brightstar when we first entered the UK market in 2015, and we are delighted to support the launch of the UK’s first true credit repair product.

“We hope this product can provide borrowers with a solution to help them restore their credit profiles whilst having access to affordable rates that suit their needs.”


The third product, The Bridging Buster, lets property buyers using short-term finance or cash re-mortgage onto a traditional buy-to-let product.

The investor will be able to capital raise for re-investment based on any post works valuation uplift, within six months.

OneSavings Bank sales director Adrian Moloney says: “We are delighted to support Brightstar through its innovative Private Label mortgage brand by providing the market challenger with a Bridging Buster product which will allow customers the facility to quickly move recent purchases onto standard buy-to-let rates.”

Second homes

Private Label has also launched The Second Homeowner to help borrowers buy or re-mortgage a second property up to 70 per cent LTV.

The firm says the product has features such as “an interest-only option and innovative income calculations for both employed and self-employed applicants”.

The borrower may have an impaired credit history and the property can be used as a holiday home, pied-à-terre or be occupied by a family member.

The Northview Group sales and distribution director Steve Griffiths says: “By allowing use for holiday homes or a city base close to work, as well as providing a solution for those customers wanting to purchase a property for their immediate family, we are looking to meet the needs of customers in that space and look forward to working with the Private Label team in highlighting the message to the broker market.”

Products will also be available through 27Tec, Mortgage Brain and IRESS sourcing systems.

They can be submitted through a requested enquiry form or via Brightstar’s own EasySource instant quotation and case tracking system.

Brightstar chief executive Rob Jupp says: “We will continue to drive innovation in the specialist sector focussing on under-served niches in the UK specialist lending market.

“But we’d also like to offer brokers the opportunity to be involved in creating new products and I would like to hear directly from you about the areas and criteria that would most help your clients.”



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