One to One: Mark Snape, corporate sales director, My Home Move


The close link between lending and conveyancing, achieving the best of both worlds, and the drive, commitment and strategic thinking of a footballer

You recently chose to leave behind the world of lending for conveyancing. What was behind your decision?

I wanted a change. I have my own concerns about the timing of the true re-emergence of the specialist mortgage market. I think this process will take longer than I had originally planned for. I have watched My Home Move develop over the years and I was attracted by its innovation and flair – coupled, importantly, with a true focus on people. My new role allows me to use my experience and influence to help My Home Move grow its client base, revenue streams and channels to market. The lending and conveyancing sectors are so closely linked that in many ways this move gives me the best of both – a new challenge within a world I know well.

What have you learned from your early days in the industry and what lessons do you think you will be able to transfer from your days as a lender?

There are a lot of similarities in terms of process and how the FCA’s conduct risk rules can be applied so that the end customer sits at the centre of all we do. I am hugely excited by the opportunities that lie before me and the chance to capitalise on them. I want to help move My Home Move forwards.

What plans does My Home Move have for the coming 12 months?

Further growth via continuing to provide truly outstanding customer service and outcomes. I personally want to bring My Home Move closer to the lenders because I feel we are the best-kept secret at the moment and we can provide some extremely robust and compliant conveyancing solutions for many of them. My Home Move has more than 10 years’ experience in developing technologies to deliver conveyancing solutions to tens of thousands of people a year. It is an expert at what it does and one of the big reasons why I am so impressed with it is because of its commitment to innovation. It refuses to settle. Instead it invests continually in its people, services and operations, which is a breath of fresh air within the legal and financial services sectors. This year, it has launched its enhanced eWay service, which gives clients control over their conveyancing in the same way that people bank and shop online.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

I was fortunate to move into senior management at a relatively early age and my mentor at the time told me to behave as though I was living in a goldfish bowl, and said lots of people would be watching my every move. I have lived with this advice and, despite the odd mistake here and there, I have kept to it and shared it with others.

Who is your all-time hero and why?

Winston Churchill. He was brave and always led by example. He was a fearless soldier – he was ordered by the King to stay out of the D-Day battle – and he was a brilliant wit and writer. He changed the course of British history and the way we live our lives today.

As a child, what was your dream job?

I wanted to be a professional footballer but I was too preoccupied with other interests during my teens to make it happen. But I guess in a roundabout way the skills I would have developed as a footballer – drive, commitment and strategic thinking – are those that I have honed anyway during my years in lending. If I could have chosen, I would have been a number 10, a playmaker like Pele, there to make things happen and change the course of the game – a role I have been fortunate enough to play during my career.

Do you have any secret talents?

I wish I could play the piano or be a much better golfer but, sadly, the answer is no.

Company Profile

Headcount: 750+

Address: 1 Frances Way, Grove Park, Leicester, LE19 1SH

Tel: 0345 234 0230

History: My Home Move, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Premier Property Lawyers, is a provider of conveyancing services that was founded in 2000. Working with over 1,000 introducers, including mortgage brokers, intermediaries and estate agents, My Home Move has helped about 50,000 people to buy or sell their properties in 2015 and is on track to complete 100,000 cases a year by 2017.