New second charge broker Cardiff Money opens


New second charge broker Cardiff Money has opened and will be headed up by director Daniel Yeo.

The new Welsh operation is part of the London Money group.

It will mirror the London Money Loans second charge arm launched last April and led by Scott Thorpe.

Mortgage brokers using Cardiff Money will be able to choose the fee level for for their clients’ second charge  applications.

London Money founder Martin Stewart says: “Dan has an excellent knowledge of the industry and a hunger to succeed and we look forward to helping grow and develop this new venture together.”

Cardiff Money director Daniel Yeo says: “I am delighted to be working alongside Martin and Scott. They both have very clear ideas on where the second charge industry needs to be going and it was refreshing to hear that those ideas echoed my own long-held beliefs.

“I see this as my opportunity to grow and run a business alongside a fast growing brand such as London Money and I cant wait to take my story out to the people that really matter – my mortgage broker contacts.”

Yeo is currently managing director of Specialist Finance Centre.

Cardiff Money will continue to target the DA market to help raise brokers’ awareness of second charge loans.