MS Wired: BTL Britain ‘Finding the New Normal’: Exit interviews

Following the MS Wired session ‘BTL Britain ‘Finding the New Normal’, our panellists give their predictions about the future of the buy-to-let sector.

The original event, held in association with Kent Reliance, ran on 27 January and is available to watch on demand here.

OneSavings Bank sales & marketing director John Eastgate says: “The specialist market will alter dramatically in 2017 and beyond.  Political and regulatory changes are driving the sector towards professional landlords who operate through limited companies.

“What was historically a minority market actually becomes the majority, thus giving specialist lending a whole new level of prominence.  Brokers will need to become as familiar with the specialist sector as they have historically been with the big names in the mainstream.”

London & Country Mortgages associate director David Hollingworth says: “Despite the fact that landlords may be feeling a little bruised by all the changes that are hitting the market all at once there it was clear that there was consensus that the fundamentals of buy-to-let still hold true.

“Lack of supply and ongoing challenges for first time buyers means that there will likely remain a strong demand for good quality rental property.  Buy to Let will therefore continue to attract investors but advice will be even more important for those considering it as an option.”