Mortgage Mole: Why does basketball star LeBron James love UK mortgages?


Too tall to tweet?

What interest does Cleveland Cavaliers basketball star LeBron James have in UK mortgages? Ask Iress principal mortgage consultant Henry Woodcock, who was followed on Twitter by the two-metre-tall American last week.

Thus far, LeBron has maintained a stony silence in response to Henry’s tweets. But Mole is waiting with bated breath for the next chapter in the story.

Peerless knowledge?

Remarkably, LeBron was not the only top-flight sportsman making waves in the mortgage market last week.

British, Olympic and Grand Slam tennis supremo Andy Murray has also thrown his hat into the ring with the news that he is investing in peer-to-peer buy-to-let lender Landbay.

The lender aims to use technology to disrupt traditional mortgage lending.

So the question on Mole’s lips is: is this investment just something for Murray to do during the tennis off-season, or does the Scotsman know something we don’t?

Another level

Mole is content to spend his time either at or below ground level but he hears that 10 members of Coreco Group are training for an event that runs in quite the opposite direction.

The team are preparing for Vertical Rush 2016, a running challenge that will see them race up the 932 steps of London’s Tower 42 skyscraper to raise money for the homeless charity, Shelter.

Donate to the Coreco climbers here: