Mortgage Mole: VERY FISHY



What do you get if you send a load of flying inflatable fish to a group of journalists?

While that may sound like a slightly odd joke, Mole can assure you it is not. It is for real.

Launching a new PR campaign, technology firm Intelliflo decided to send three remote-control blow-up fish to Mortgage Strategy HQ.

Journalists being simple creatures, it does not take long for things to go wrong when you spring something out of the ordinary on them. Within minutes, all three fish were broken and consigned to the area next to the wastepaper basket (see below).


Sorry, Intelliflo. Mole tried to make the hacks play nicely but there was no telling them.



Mole loves the mortgage industry and the way you all help people to purchase their dream home. Wonderful.

But what he likes more than anything is to learn what makes you guys tick.

Last week he learned that Association of Short Term Lenders chief executive Benson Hersch is a dab hand with a paintbrush (see below).


Hersch very kindly sent Mole one of his doodles, as you can see below. So come on, does anyone else have a hidden talent that they can reveal to Mole? Email