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United in delight

Mole congratulates the lucky brokers who took part in the recent Virgin Money football tournament held on the hallowed turf at Old Trafford, home of Manchester United FC.

Apparently the 50 assembled intermediaries were divided into four teams: Blue, Orange, White and Yellow. The Blues were the eventual winners, romping to victory with a 2-0 triumph over the Orange team.

Mole hears all the brokers had a blast, as did their appreciative friends and family, who were cheering them on.

Lost for words

Mole was saddened to hear that former housing minister Gavin Barwell had lost his seat in last week’s general election.

Regardless of which party you support, most agree that Barwell was a competent minister in a role that has suffered too long from a merry-go-round of short-term incumbents.

Nevertheless, Mole was simultaneously amused that Barwell, who only last year published a book called ‘How to Win a Marginal Seat’, had, unfortunately… managed to lose his marginal seat.

Luckily, it seems that Barwell is well fortified to cope with the loss: one section of his book is titled ‘How do you cope with the very real possibility that you might be out of a job tomorrow?’

Cat-astrophe averted

For obvious reasons, Mole has little love for the feline species.

But he was heartened to hear a tale last week from staff at Brighton-based adviser Skerritts Wealth Management, who had to take drastic action when a cat got itself stuck in the three-inch gap between the firm’s boardroom wall and a neighbouring wall.

A four-hour rescue operation was required to knock a hole in the wall and retrieve the unfortunate mog, with the RSPCA and local fire brigade lending a hand.

Fortunately the cat, Albus, was rescued in one piece and returned to his grateful owner.

On another positive note, Skerritts’ boardroom now boasts much improved ventilation.

Revved up

Mole is always keen to hear of the various hobbies of colleagues within our market, especially when they venture into the realms of the unusual.

So he was particularly interested to hear last week that Lloyds Banking Group head of housing development Douglas Cochrane could often be spotted astride a magnificent Harley Davidson motorbike.

Rock on, Douglas!