Mortgage Mole: Selfie similarity?


Selfie similarity?

Mole read with interest the story about the British man who had a photo taken with the Egyptian plane hijacker last week.

The ‘selfie’ story quickly became more popular than the news of the hijacking, with the British man in question, Ben Innes, becoming instantly recognisable across the UK.

Stuart Gregory MM blogCoincidentally, Innes has his very own mortgage doppelganger in the form of Lentune Group’s Stuart Gregory (left). Mole hears Gregory has been getting some stick from his friends over the uncanny similarity, but copyright laws mean you will all have to check for yourselves.

What planet are they on?

It’s not every week that a bank can claim to receive support from extraterrestrials, but this is that week.

Unauthorised WeRe Bank, which has made up its own bizarre currency and claims to offer cheap cheques that force lenders to write off debts, made headlines recently when it emerged that the FOS had received dozens of complaints about the firm.

WeRe’s founder, who is a friend of conspiracy theorist David Icke, claims “both on-planet and off-planet” involvement in his firm. Mole is suitably bemused..

There’s no monopoly on fun

On April Fool’s Day last week, Mole spotted several prankster efforts from across the mortgage industry.

The CML said the Government had committed to launch a new community chest to increase the supply of Monopoly houses, while Source said it was bringing in an update to play music to brokers while they use the firm’s GI platform.

Tracks on offer include This Old House (won’t get insurance) by Shakin’ Stevens and Claims Hotline Bling by Drake.