Mortgage Mole: Rising to the challenge

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Rising to the challenge

Mole was intrigued to hear that Virgin Money has a new range of exclusive mortgage products for those taking part in this year’s Virgin Money London Marathon.

Unfortunately, Mole is not the fittest of mammals and he thinks it’s a bit late to get in training for the big race just for the purposes of securing a mortgage.

He also wonders if the lender had considered taking the idea a step further by offering incremental mortgage savings based on the runners’ finish times?

As ever, borrowers must be willing to go the extra mile in order to qualify for the best possible mortgage deal.

No second thoughts

This year’s London Marathon may still seem a long way off but Mole hears that Investec’s Peter Izard is already busy training for the long-distance slog.

Peter will be running in honour of his late mother and to raise money for the UK Sepsis Trust, a charity that aims to help reduce the 12,500 lives lost every year to sepsis.

This is Peter’s second London Marathon and he has already smashed his £2,000 fundraising target, but Mole urges the industry to send that total even higher by donating here:

A bridge too far?

Perhaps Mole’s lengthy time in the mortgage market has clouded his judgement a tad, but the idea of combining bridging loans with Valentine’s Day seems like a match made in heaven to your subterranean correspondent.

Step forward Roma Finance, which last week announced a residential investment first charge bridging loan of 0.75 per cent a month up to 75 per cent LTV, which will run until Valentine’s Day – 14 February.

Mole can hear those church bells now…