Mortgage Mole: Press release blooper


Platform alteration
Platform mortgages made a bit of a Freudian slip when excitedly announcing the launch of its new 90 per cent LTV deal last week.

The subject line for the press release unfortunately read: “THE UK,S LOWEST EVER FIXED RATE MORTGAGE FOR INTERMEDIARIES LAUNCHED BY PLATFORM.”

Brokers were quick to stick the knife in. Mark Dyason @EdinMortAdv tweeted: “This is perfect. No irony with that lender either.”

If only they had been a bit slower in hitting the ‘Send’ button.

Meanwhile, in an article for PR Week, Holly Tyzack, head of editorial at Bottle, confessed to having used the words ‘incontinence’, ‘willies’ and ‘manboobs’ in client and journalist communications thanks to autocorrect.

Mole narrowly avoided signing off a recent email with the phrase ‘kind retards’ and, on another occasion, omitting a crucial ‘f’ when asking a freelancer if they were free to come in and do a ‘shift’ at Mortgage Strategy.

We would love to hear about your most embarrassing typos and autocorrect fails.

FT in mouth
Not even the highly respected Financial Times is immune from making the odd clanger.

Last Thursday, the newspaper published a story on its website claiming the European Central Bank had decided to hold interest rates rather than cut them.

Not only that but it was written a few minutes before the actual decision was announced. The public’s craving for instant news means Mole, too, often writes different versions for on-diary announcements such as interest rate decisions. So Mole won’t tease too much.