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Mortgage Mole: Poll dancing

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Poll dancing

William HagueWhile any impact of the upcoming general election on the housing market is uncertain, one thing is definite – that politicos of all hues will once again begin a synchronised public charm offensive.

One of Mole’s spies spotted such an example last week in the form of Conservative MP William Hague, snapped (above) doing a TV appearance.

It is with a sense of weary inevitability that Mole expects to hear of many more, similar occurrences between now and 8 June.

Burnt mortgage offerings

Mole has always admired those people who can keep calm under pressure, and it appears that Jeff Knight of Foundation Home Loans is one such imperturbable person.

Mole was on the phone to Jeff last week, discussing new products on the lender’s website, when the call was interrupted by a deafening alarm ringing in the background at Jeff’s office.

“That goes off whenever a broker visits our website,” quipped the ice-cool director of marketing.

The pair resumed their chat for one more minute – the alarm shrieking all the while – until the risk of possible incineration became too great and Jeff took his leave.

Mole hopes none of the staff and furnishings at Foundation Home Loans got too singed…

Unsporting behaviour

Mole hopes all the runners of the London Marathon last weekend are recovering well and have raised plenty of cash for charity. He also hopes none of the spectators suffered the sort of mishap that befell an employee of the Financial Conduct Authority at last year’s event.

Your underground correspondent was chatting to some regulatory pals last week when the conversation turned to the 2016 London Marathon. Apparently, a group of FCA staffers – gathered in London for an enjoyable day of spectating – were standing very close to the marathon course, deep in conversation, while partaking of some liquid refreshment
– pre-mixed gin & tonic in cans. You can probably guess what followed.

An approaching runner suddenly slowed his pace, extended an arm among the convivial group and plucked an open can from the hand of an FCA bod.

While the bewildered drinker was still processing his sudden loss, the runner accelerated away, drinking greedily from the can as he melted back into the throng of athletes.

As Mole listened to this astonishing tale, he wondered whatever happened to the famous British sense of fair play at sporting events…

Separated at birth

Left: Actor Jason Bateman.Hussey-James

Bateman-JasonBottom: Vantage’s James Hussey.


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