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Never tease a toddler

Mortgage Strategy readers are a diverse bunch but never have their ranks included toddlers, Mole believes – at least, not until last week.

Edinburgh Mortgage Advice’s Mark Dyason reports that his two-year-old recently picked up his copy of the nation’s favourite mortgage publication and ran off with it, apparently delighted with his find.

On closer inspection, sadly the infant was not interested in the content of the magazine as much as in its front cover, which featured a series of Lego-style figures (see left).

Mortgage Strategy journalists apologise wholeheartedly to Junior Dyason for the lack of Lego coverage inside the magazine and promise to bring out more toddler-themed mortgage content soon.

Head first

Your subterranean correspondent was interested to hear of some recent developments at Brightstar.

The firm has picked mental health as its 2017 charitable cause and as part of this has made changes at its headquarters, including introducing a ‘wellbeing room’ to give team members a quiet area in which to rejuvenate, and providing information about mental health support.

Brightstar also plans to participate in a series of fundraising events as part of the project.

Mole applauds everyone involved.

International audience

It’s not every day that a mortgage bod addresses the United Nations. But Mole proudly reveals this has happened.

Step forward Samantha Allen, formerly of AToM, who took to the stage at the UN in New York earlier this week to give a speech during a debate based on ‘National Model United Nations’.

Now studying politics and international relations, Samantha gave a presentation to a packed house as part of an exercise that saw different universities play different countries in the hallowed UN debating chamber.

Mole expects to see a mortgage adviser turned UN secretary general before too long.

Back from the fringes

Long fringes have dipped in and out of fashion over the years but Mole was pleased to see, in a tweet by Precise Mortgages’ Alan Cleary last week, that one man was attempting to revive the trend: Virtus Search’s Peter Gwilliam (see below).

Mole hears that hip kids the length and breadth of the country are already flooding barbershops to ask for ‘The Gwilliam’.