Mortgage Mole: Lotto losers


Lotto losers

Last week saw the news that enterprising Worcester granny Susanne Hinte, 48, had tried to win a share in the £33m Lotto jackpot with a ticket that had allegedly been through a washing machine and got mangled in the process.

Not to be left out, Martin Stewart, who runs London Money, thought they would have a go too and tweeted a photo (see below) of their winning ‘ticket’ along with the caption: “Hang on, something’s not stacking up with this lottery thing. I’ve got the £33m winning ticket right here.”

Pretty convincing, I’m sure you’ll agree.


Sadly for both Susanne and London Money, the real winner of the £33m has since come forward to claim their cash. Rumours that London Money are now applying their impressive forgery abilities to printing counterfeit money and passports remain unconfirmed at the time of going to press.

Painful flashback

Mole was amused this week by a broker tale of a comedy of errors. The broker told him that he recently received an invitation from Ipswich Building Society to join a new organisation called the Prestige Club, described as an “exclusive club” for the lender’s key broker partners.

Naturally, the first thought of the broker concerned was that this was some form of high-class gentlemen’s establishment. So imagine his confusion when he found out that the club was in fact a forum to give selected brokers access to exclusive products.

“For a moment I thought we were going back to some sort of pre-2007 misbehaviour,” the broker said.