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Mortgage Mole: Key tipple


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Key tipple

mole_harrys-barAs far as Mole is concerned, the primary tipple of the mortgage industry is coloured brown or yellow and comes in 568ml measures. But he is partial to a cocktail when the mood takes him.

A man who shares Mole’s sentiments is Key Retirement director Dean Mirfin, who recently supped a few bellinis at the place where they were invented, Harry’s Bar in Venice. The bar has been graced by luminaries including Ernest Hemingway, Truman Capote and Orson Welles.

Dean is pictured (above right) with the owner of the bar, Arrigo Cipriani, who set it up after being gifted the money by a young American he had helped out.

If something is worth doing, do it in style.

Slumber party

As we enter December and the festive functions get well and truly under way, spare a thought for those inadvertently overcome by the celebrations.

The Bank of Ireland held a drinks party last week and Mole hears that a noted Coreco director fell asleep on the train afterwards, missed his stop and had to get a taxi home.

A certain partner of industry PR firm Instinctif did the same thing the following night and ended up with a hefty hotel bill.

There is a lesson there for all of us, Mole thinks, although he’s not sure what it is.

The word on the street

It has certainly been a week for portmanteau words, with your scurrilous scribbler learning three new ones this week.

The first is ‘smexit’ – short for ‘smooth Brexit’ – courtesy of Tory MP Claire Perry. The second is ‘Trumpflation’ and the third ‘shrinkflation’, both of which have apparently been doing the rounds on the other side of the pond, although Mole first encountered them in the recent Ami economic bulletin. Astounding stuff all around.

But if Shakespeare invented 1,700 words all by himself, there’s no reason we can’t add a few too.

Mole hopes his own new expression, ‘crimboozled’ – meaning ‘a state of inebriated confusion acquired during Christmas party season’ – also catches on.



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