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Indecent proposal

Mole was amused to hear of a chance encounter involving Mortgage Strategy editor Rebekah Commane last weekend.

WoodyHRebekah was on a train to Oxford when she glanced over the aisle and saw none other than Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson. Ever the journalist, and never one to let a golden opportunity slip, Commane boldly approached Harrelson to strike up conversation and promote the good name of Mortgage Strategy.

The laconic Harrelson let very little slip, but during the conversation told the mortgage scribe that he was very much looking forward to “having a potter around” the dreaming spires, laid out his admiration for American rapper Snoop Dogg and then politely declined to join Commane on her planned punting expedition and pub crawl.

Writers’ shock

Who writes handwritten letters these days? Paymentshield, that’s who. Paymentshield-letter

The firm has been sending out the letters to promote National Conversation Week, to encourage more personal communication in our lives and move away from our over-reliance on technology.

Mole applauds the move and hopes more people will follow Paymentshield’s example.

Like a boss

Atom Bank has been in the headlines a lot recently, but this week Mole was amused to hear one piece of gossip about the firm that hasn’t been reported – until now.

Apparently the company has applied to trademark the expression ‘bank like a boss’ for use on clothes, hats, shoes and games, as well as for more straightforward banking services. Mole looks forward to Atom Bank coming to catwalks near you soon.

Remember, you read it here first!

Just the ticket

Mole read last week that former chancellor George Osborne bagged £650,000 last year from BlackRock for working four days a month as an adviser.

Not bad work if you can get it, but out of curiosity Mole decided to investigate MPs with property market connections to see how many had been tempted to top up their salaries with extra cash. He was heartened to see that, amid a lot of apparent profiteering, a few MPs stood out as bastions of dedication to their day jobs.

One such man is housing minister Gavin Barwell, who in 2016 only declared a gift of two tickets to a Wembley football match, worth a grand total of £540.

Good man Gavin!