Mortgage Mole: Out on his feet?

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Out on his feet?

Mole gathers that a group of London property industry insiders have been lacing up their boxing gloves and training hard for a white-collar boxing event on 2 February.

The London White Collar Boxing League event will take place at The Ring club in Southwark and feature showdowns between fighters including ‘Irish’ Kevin O’Neill from ACN and Richard ‘Honey Badger’ Campo from Rose Capital Partners.

Other contenders will be Jimmy ‘The Southern Slinger’ Baillie from Enness Private Office and Gerard ‘The Joker’ Jackson from United Trust Bank. The event will raise money for children’s boxing charity Punch Up and is sponsored by Bank & Clients.

Mole hears Campo is getting up at 5am to train, as well as work and cope with the demands of a newborn.

Good luck, gents.

  • Tickets are available here:

Not such a bright star

Brightstar staff are vying for their 15 minutes of fame. As we know, Rob and Clare Jupp are in ITV series The Cruise. Now Mole hears of another employee’s turn on the box recently.

At Christmas, the commercial team’s Dak Lam starred in You’ve Been Framed, wiping out his Christmas tree during a ride on his Segway. At least the mishap left him £250 richer.

As an aside, Mole laments that You’ve Been Framed payments have utterly failed to keep up with inflation. The fee has not risen since Mole was a pup, clips were filmed on VHS and the late Jeremy Beadle was the presenter.

Savings soapbox

Avid Mole readers who also watch Coronation Street (there must be some of you, surely) may have spotted an interesting advert during a break in the nation’s best-loved soap last week.

Skipton Building Society has brought out its first television advert in 10 years, the gist of which is to encourage viewers to pause and consider their financial future.

Mole hears that the Skipton advert cost more than £2m.

He considers it money very well spent if it prompts Britain’s notoriously ineffective savers to change their ways.