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Driven by drink

Mole hears John Charcol daredevil Simon Holdsworth is just back from taking part in an off-road driving challenge in Africa.

The ‘Rhino Charge’ event involves teams of six who drive a 4×4 vehicle through 60 square miles of unexplored territory in northern Kenya, hopefully avoiding crocodiles, lions and killer bees. One person per team drives the vehicle while the others go ahead on foot to find the best route through almost impenetrable terrain. The effort is to raise money for rhinoceros protection charity Rhino Ark.

Mole gathers Simon (below, far left) was drunk when he initially agreed to take part, but he nobly completed the event. Well done, Simon!

Riding out the dangers

Two of the industry’s keen cyclists have had an eventful time recently, Mole understands.

Hunt-Bob-2017-CUTFirst of all, Paradigm chief executive Bob Hunt (left) took on the gruelling Dragon Ride endurance cycling event in Wales, which takes in some of the country’s notoriously brutal hills – including some with gradients of up to 1 in 5.

However, Jonathan Clark (below) of Chadney Bulgin had an entirely different cycling challenge when spectating at a bike race in the City of London.


A high-speed crash right in front of him caused a rider’s bike to somersault directly over Jonathan’s head and land on the pavement behind.

Fortunately, bike riders and mortgage bods alike were all unharmed.

A lucky escape!

Pedal power

Meanwhile, more than 20 cyclists from Leeds Building Society took part in the Great Yorkshire Bike Ride last weekend to raise funds for Hollybank Trust, which cares for children and adults with severe disabilities.

The event involved more than 2,000 riders, who covered 70 miles through some of the Howardian Hills and the Yorkshire Wolds.

Mole hears the weather was great and all participants did well.

■ Donations for Hollybank Trust can be made here: