Mortgage Mole: Coreco dog has its day


Coreco dog has its day

Coreco has released a short video clip of a terrier, set up a Twitter account in his name and has even submitted a column allegedly written by the hound to Your Dog magazine.


Coreco director Andrew Montlake was tight-lipped about the details of Bow Terrier, but once again the intrepid Mole has dug up the truth.

Bow Terrier is an invention of Coreco designed to educate consumers about mortgage applications and the role of intermediaries, but without boring them or appearing to lecture.

“The aim is to educate and hopefully get a couple of laughs and lots of shares along the way,” says Monty. A good idea, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Seeing double?

What are the chances that one man can bear an uncanny resemblance to not one, but two Chelsea managers?


Ask Precise Mortgages sales director Roger Morris. Mole has spoken before about Morris’ striking resemblance to former manager Carlo Ancelotti but colleagues at Precise Mortgages have pointed out that he also looks remarkably like current manager Guus Hiddink too.


No mean feat. Mole understands that Roger has been on the receiving end of some good-natured ribbing about the resemblance, but he is likely to have the last laugh.


With Hiddink stepping down as interim Chelsea manager this summer, it looks like Roger’s days of impersonating famous football club bosses are numbered.

But never say never – perhaps Roger can make it a hat-trick.