Mortgage Mole: Can I get you a drink?


Can I get you a drink?

We’ve all been approached at some point (well, before the invention of the selfie and selfie stick) by someone who wanted us to take a photo of them with their friends or family. And normally we have been happy to oblige.

However, Mole has some useful advice for you in the event of future requests for photographic assistance: do not agree to this if you have a drink in your hand. 

Mortgage Strategy editor Paul Thomas was a guest of Brightstar at the recent England vs France rugby World Cup warm-up game when he found himself in this position. A full pint of Guinness in one hand, he clutched hold of the iPhone offered to him by the hopeful spectator in front. 

What happened next was not the outcome hoped for by either party.

Having transferred the pint to between his arm and chest and subsequently felt it slip, Thomas over-compensated in an effort to save his drink and ended up throwing the iPhone halfway down the nearest aisle while simultaneously pouring the entire contents of the cup over the poor rugby fan happily posing for his picture.

Well played, Mr Thomas… well played.

Coaching expertise

Continuing with the rugby theme, Front Events has announced that Sir Clive Woodward will be the guest speaker at the Financial Services Expo on 17 September.

The former World Cup-winning England and British and Irish Lions coach will give delegates the benefit of his knowledge and insight on issues affecting all those in business, such as management, leadership, teamwork, organisation, motivation, performance and innovation.

To book your place, contact James Prosser via email: