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Boxing clever

Mole has good news for all of you boxing fans.

Many of you had a good time cheering on the competitors at the previous London white-collar charity property boxing event, held in March at The Ring in Southwark. Now Rose Capital Partners managing director Richard Campo (pictured) tells Mole there is to be a second such fixture, on 17 November at the same location.

The event, cleverly titled ‘The Stress Test’, has attracted sufficient sponsorship for the gym to train fighters for free, seven days a week.

More details can be found here:

The fixture has already attracted significant interest so Mole urges spectators and fighters to register early.

Urban myth

Were it not for the after-effects of the Brexit vote, the market would be pretty quiet. School holidays and the summer slowdown in property play their parts.

A symptom of the summer news drought is the appearance of increasingly improbable stories, such as one gem Mole saw last week.

Online estate agent Urban calculated the salaries and estimated property values for 24 TV soap characters and their fictional homes.

It found that the majority of these residents would be able only to rent their respective homes in Albert Square, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks, the properties otherwise costing too much to buy.

Urban found that the most expensive property in soapland is Phil Mitchell’s four-bedroom semi-detached property in EastEnders, with a current market value of £1.2m.

Good to see there are plenty of deals going through to keep the estate agents busy.