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Box office hit

Normally when Mole sees property industry people punching each other in the face, it’s pub kicking-out time. But last week he witnessed organised scrapping of an entirely different ilk.

Mole attended a white-collar boxing event, creatively entitled ‘The Stress Test’, in which a number of London property professionals slugged it out to raise money for children’s boxing charity Punch Up.

The event was the brainchild of Rose Capital Partners’ Richard Campo, who triumphed in the final bout. Mole congratulates all fighters and attendees!

Running total

With marathon season hotting up, Mole has been blown away by the fundraising plans across the big-hearted mortgage market.

But the Building Societies Association’s Paul Broadhead is taking marathon running to another level this year. Not content with ‘just’ the London Marathon, he is also tackling two half-marathons and The Wolf Run offroad race into the bargain.

Paul is running to raise money for Shelter and has set himself a target of £2,000. But Mole is confident the mortgage market can help Paul smash this figure by giving generously here:

Good luck, Paul!

Extra effort

One broking firm has already kickstarted marathon fundraising efforts by having its staff run a half-marathon to support Bristol Children’s Hospital.

Employees of One77 Mortgages succeeded in raising £4,000 for the hospital through a combination of completing the gruelling race plus the firm’s donation of an extra £1 for every runner.

Well done all.

Image of the future

Mole was taking a rare above-ground jaunt across London Bridge the other day when he saw something that stopped him dead in his tracks.


Skipton Building Society had commissioned artists to create one of those super-clever 3D pavement drawings as part of its campaign to encourage the UK public to give more thought to their financial futures.

Mole was suitably impressed and got straight on the phone to book an appointment with his financial adviser.