Mortgage Mole: Boris hits target

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Boris hits target

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson has been doing his rounds recently. Mole’s spies tell him the mop-haired Etonian visited the Newport offices of Target Group a week ago to mark the impact the firm has made on the local area and the UK economy.

Target chief executive Bill Alley was rightly cock-a-hoop at the visit, saying Boris’s visit was a sign of the “hard work, dedication and talent of our staff”.

Well done to all the team at Target. Mole expects to hear of Theresa May visiting the firm soon.

Caught in a draft

Mole is sure many of you will have responded to the FCA’s recent exam standards consultation but it appears some respondents took the ‘exam’ bit rather too seriously.

The FCA’s policy statement on the consultation, released recently, said some firms had written in because they had spotted “typographical errors” in the draft exam standards.

Those spelling and grammar pedants in the mortgage market will be pleased to hear that the FCA has now “corrected” these typos.

Seeing sense

Mole does not envy lender advertising departments sometimes, as someone is always bound to complain to the Advertising Standards Authority about it.

Take Santander, for example. A week ago the ASA said it had one complaint about the lender’s January TV advert that saw a man catch a marshmallow in his mouth, saying it was “irresponsible and encouraged a dangerous or unsafe practice”.

Another three viewers complained for the same reason about another clip from the ad that saw a person being carried on another’s shoulders towards the Grand Canyon.

Fortunately for Santander, common sense has prevailed and the ASA ruled the advert was fine.

Floating on air

Congratulations to Leek United Building Society, which recently made its single-biggest charity donation to the County Air Ambulance Trust.

The lender presented a cheque for £46,629 to the West Midlands air ambulance, and has donated more than £188,000 to the cause in total through savings accounts that send automatic donations at intervals.

Well done all.