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If you booze, you lose

Two brothers from the mortgage market are lacing up their gloves in enthusiastic preparation for a white-collar boxing event, Mole hears.

Alex and Ryan Ewen (below), both of London broker Falbros, aim to raise cash for Cancer Research UK.


The pair are knuckling down to two months of gruelling training, not least the extremely arduous task of cutting out booze. The event will take place in Chichester on 9 September.

Best of luck with the training, chaps!

Cut down to size

Mole hears that an inadvertent clanger was narrowly avoided when talks were held to discuss the name of the new financial services trade body, UK Finance, which now includes the former Council of Mortgage Lenders.

Mole gathers that some people present wanted to call the merged body ‘Finance UK’.

Luckily, an observant participant in the discussions realised that ‘Finance UK’, if shortened, would have a somewhat unfortunate abbreviation. The suggestion was swiftly dropped.

Crisis averted!

Highly qualified

If you live in the Hampshire area and hear a light aircraft overhead, be sure to give it a wave. The pilot could be Your Mortgage Decisions co-owner Dominik Lipnicki.

Mole hears that Dominik (below, inset) got his pilot’s licence last year and is enjoying zooming around the skies this summer in an aircraft he keeps at Thruxton aerodrome.


The magnificent man in his flying machine tells Mole the pastime is “great fun”.

Chocks away!

The old ones are the best

Some people certainly recognise a good mortgage deal when they see one, even if they wait two decades to take advantage of it.

Mole was speaking last week to Key Retirement technical director Dean Mirfin, who told him the lender had been called by several consumers about deals advertised in newspapers – from the 1990s.

Apparently the would-be borrowers had carefully cut out the adverts and saved them, waiting for just the right moment.

Mole doesn’t know whether to be impressed by their savvy or entertained by the thought of the lender’s diplomatic response to these genuine enquiries.