Mortgage Mole: A new home office


A new home office

It’s not every day that politicians take an interest in mortgages beyond bashing the sector or introducing new regulation, but Mole’s pals at The Northview Group had an encounter of a more constructive type when home secretary Theresa May arrived to open their new headquarters in Maidenhead.

The new premises will combine previous Northview offices from Reading and High Wycombe, and will eventually house around 550 staff.

Kensington head of sales and distribution Steve Griffiths told Mole that May did an impressive job during the opening and the new offices are a hit with Northview staff.

“We aren’t Google but we do have a ping-pong table and a multi-faith prayer room,” said Griffiths. Mole expects to hear next about beanbag chairs and breakout spaces.

Riches to Wraggs?

Mole read with interest last week that a Conservative MP had resorted to moving back in with his parents because he could not afford a deposit for a mortgage.

William Wragg, MP for Hazel Grove, slammed high rent costs for preventing him from saving. Mole cannot feel too sorry for Wragg as his £74,000 salary is nearly three times the UK average, so saving up a deposit for a decent home seems very achievable. The MP is also entitled to expenses to cover the cost of renting in London.

Mole sympathises instead with Wragg’s long-suffering parents, who must have assumed that their otherwise successful 28-year-old son had flown the nest for good.