May calls general election for 8 June


A snap general election is to be held on 8 June, the Prime Minister announced today.

Speaking to the press outside Downing Street just after 11am, Theresa May said “the country is coming together, but Westminster is not” and that the opposition was hitting back against Brexit-related decisions.

She challenged opposing parties, saying now is the chance to prove that they are not playing a game.

“This is your moment to show you mean it…”To show you do not treat politics as a game,” she said.

The PM had not planned to hold a general election until 2020 but said she made the decision to move it forward following a cabinet meeting at Downing Street.

She said Britain is leaving the European Union and there is no turning back and that the Government has “the right plan for negotiating our new relationship with Europe”, adding that the decision about the country is “all about leadership.”

Phoebus Software sales and marketing director Richard Pike says: “This is a shrewd political move by Theresa May, which will be good news for the country.  It is hardly likely that the Conservatives will not win the election and so it will provide her with a clear political mandate to take the country into Brexit negotiations. Hopefully this will result in less unease around Brexit in the publics’ eyes which can only be a good thing for our industry.”