Three-quarters of brokers would reject Scottish independence

Three quarters of brokers say they would not vote in favour of Scottish independence, a recent Mortgage Strategy straw poll has found.

From 234 responses, just 52  – or 24 per cent – sided with the yes campaign for Scotland to become an independent country when the referendum is held on 18 September.

There has been a lot of debate surrounding Scottish independence over the past year, with both groups campaigning very vocally.

The issue has split the broker community, too, but it is clear the vast majority are now siding with the no campaign.

Scotland-based Dewar & Partners mortgage spokeswoman Natalie Moyer does not feel there is any significant benefit of voting for independence. 

She says: “All of us at Dewar & Partners are no voters on the independence agenda. I do not necessarily think a yes vote would impact business levels or have an overly-negative impact but when a system has worked for so long, it is hard to make the argument for change.”

But Mortgage Help Scotland director Steve McAvoy says he would vote yes. He says: “As a Scottish mortgage broker,  it would help our business levels and without heavily affecting property prices or mortgage figures. It may cost mortgage lenders in England a bit more in terms of administration costs but not prohibitively in terms of retaining customers north of the border. I wouldn’t forecast too much of a negative impact on the industry and we can finally have a say on our own matters.”