Accord cuts high-LTV deals by 0.2%

Accord Mortgages is cutting rates across 90 and 95 per cent LTV bands by 0.2 per cent from today.

At 90 per cent LTV, a two-year fix is offered at 3.94 per cent, down from 4.14, with a £345 product fee. The same rate is offered on a two-year fix with £845 product fee and £250 cash back.

A 90 per cent LTV, two-year fix with £345 product fee, £250 cash back and free valuation is offered at 4.04 per cent, down from 4.24.

Five-year fixes have also been reduced at 90 per cent LTV.

A rate of 4.49 per cent is offered with £845 product fee, down from 4.69 per cent, while a separate rate of 4.59 is offered alongside a free valuation and £250 cash back, with the same £845 product fee.

In the 95 per cent LTV band, a two-year fix is reduced from 5.39 per cent to 5.19 with £845 product fee. A fee-free option is available at 5.49 per cent, down from 5.69, and includes a free valuation and £750 cash back.

A five-year fix with £845 fee is offered at 5.49 per cent, while a fee-free option is offered at 5.69 per cent – down from 5.89 – with free valuation and £750 cash back.

Accord Mortgages national account manager David Robinson says: “We hope that by continuing to respond from feedback from brokers and offering value for money mortgages at higher LTVs will enable us to help even more customers on the property ladder than before.”