BBC economics editor Stephanie Flanders to join JP Morgan

BBC economics editor Stephanie Flanders is joining JP Morgan Asset Management as chief market strategist for the UK and Europe.

Based in London, Flanders will report to chief global strategist David Kelly. She will join the company in November.

Serving as economics editor at the BBC since April 2008, Flanders was previously a reporter at the New York Times, a Financial Times columnist and senior adviser and speech writer to US Treasury secretaries Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers during the Clinton Administration.

Flanders says: “In many ways, I will be doing the same thing at JP Morgan Asset Management that I have been doing at the BBC: explaining what is happening in the UK and global economy, and why it matters.

“But in my new role I will have the time and resources to develop my own economic ideas, and deepen my understanding of the markets, at one of the world’s most experienced financial institutions. I’ll also have the new thrill, for me, of helping to grow a business. I can’t wait.”

JP Morgan Asset Management head of UK funds Jasper Berens says: “We have admired Stephanie’s ability to cut through the noise to give investors a better grasp of the world around them. Her integrity aligns with our core values, namely the priority of being a valued and credible adviser.”